We know only to well that if you’ve never used a sunbed before it can be a daunting experience. Our staff are always on hand to offer a warm welcome, a full consultation, a tour of the equipment and ongoing advice should you need it.

No question is a silly question!  We love talking about all things tanning and so please do not worry about asking us questions. We are more than happy to help you and love nothing more than giving our customers advice so that they can safely achieve their tanning goals!

However, just in case please find below some of the answers to the most commonly asked questions about tanning.


How old do I have to be to use a Sunbed?

The legal age to use a Sunbed in the UK is 18. Upon registering with us, you will be required to supply us with photographic ID prior to using our facilities.

What do I wear when tanning?

Your Sunbed session is in a completely private room and so what you wear to tan is completely your choice. Just be aware that if you are exposing areas of your body that do not often have exposure to the sun, that those areas may be more sensitive to begin with.

How do I maintain my holiday tan?

 Once you have achieved your tan, you only need to maintain it with 1-2 sessions per week. You should also look at exchanging your normal daily moisturiser for a Tan Extender. When your skin becomes dry it sheds faster, taking your tan with it. However, with a tan extender it will help to keep your skin hydrated as well as prolonging the tan you have worked so hard to get and in some cases will also keep you melanin levels boosted!

What lotion is best for me?

We can’t answer this without seeing you and determining your skin type and tanning history. However, there are three types of indoor tanning lotions. Accelerators, Bronzers & Tingles. Tingles are not suitable for beginners or for clients with fair skin! Accerators & bronzers are fine to use at anytime for the majority of Clients. Please discuss with a member of staff on your next visit.

How many minutes should I start off with?

Again, this question is extremely hard to answer without having seen you and determine your skin type and tanning history. Sunbeds are not suitable for everybody! Please visit us to discuss further.

How often can I use the Sunbed?

We recommend tanning around 3 times a week to begin with, whilst building your tan. Once you achieved a colour you’re happy with then this can be reduced to 1-2 sessions a week. However, you should wait a minimum of 48 hours between every session.

How long will it take for me to achieve a base tan?

This answer is different for everybody and will depend on your skin type and the tanning lotion you use. If you need to be tanned for a special event or holiday by a certain date,the best thing you can give yourself time to build that tan slowly & gradually, which is the healthy way to tan. Please consult a member of staff on your first visit and we can devise a safe tailormade tanning regime specific for your skin type & goal! However, if you need instant colour then please contact us to book a Spray Tan.

Do indoor tanning lotions really work?

Yes! Indoor tanning lotions are designed to help you tan faster. In fact it has been scientifically proven that tanning with a lotion will help you tan 70% more effectively.  There are many products available on the marketplace but our Staff are all certified Australian Gold tanning consultants and can confidently advise you which product would be specifically right for you

Which is best… a Stand up or Lay down bed?

Both! Be sure to rotate between Lay down & stand up beds for a better all over tan. When you only lay down, there are some spots that don’t get adequate blood flow. As a result, over time, you may notice some spots that don’t tan. By rotating your beds this will help prevent that.

How can I stop my tan from fading?

It is a scientific fact that each month our skin sheds and regenerates taking our tan with it. Sadly there is nothing we can do about that. However, if once you’ve achieved your tan you continue to visit the Salon 1-2 times per week and you exchange your daily moisturiser for a Tan Extender then you will see a constant colour coming through every time your skin regenerates.

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