Our Story

The Tan Boutique is a family run business that was officially established in 2018 but borne out of an experience we had, had a few years prior to that.

Back in 2016, after lots of deliberation, we decided to visit a local Sunbed Shop for the first time, with the aim of getting a base tan before a bucket list holiday to Mauritius!  Prior to this, all of our holidays had been in Europe but we knew Mauritian weather was completely different and so it would probably be a good idea to prepare our skin for that type of climate.

We had always been a bit dubious of using Sunbeds and so prior to our first tanning session we were keen to ask the Salon staff questions such as; Is my skin type suitable for Sunbeds? How many minutes can I do safely without burning? What lotion do you recommend for my skin type? Much to our disappointment we were met with answers such as, “It’s up to you what minutes you do, we sell them in blocks of three,” & “this lotion is a popular seller” These answers didn’t really fill us with confidence and we left feeling a bit deflated about the whole experience.

Nevertheless, we really didn’t want to go to Mauritius and burn as we had done on previous holidays and so we went away and did our own research into how many minutes we should have, down to what lotion is best for our skin and when we could safely increase our minutes and how often we could safely use them.

With our confidence restored we then went back to the same Salon and purchased our first sunbed course and for my skin type (fair)  I actually achieved a tan that year and the amazing thing… for the first time in forever I didn’t burn once on holiday and I didnt get any prickly heat which I previously got every year on holiday without fail. 

By the time 2018 came around, we were all ready for a career change after the birth of our two youngest Family members. We put our heads together and created the idea for The Tan Boutique. Our goal was to create a friendly, safe & controlled environment where everyone can achieve their tanning aspirations the healthy way!

It doesn’t matter to us how much time we spend with a new or an existing Client on a consultation, the important thing is creating an inclusive and safe environment where everyone is tanning responsibly and that they feel completely comfortable asking us questions.

As a result our Salon is endorsed by The Sunbed Association for safe & healthy tanning practices and all of our staff are trained by Australian Gold UK to make educated product recommendations for every individuals skin type or tanning goal / aspiration. We are immensely proud of these accolades and invest our spare time in ensuring that we keep abreast of any changes or advice issued within the Industry so that we can pass that onto our Clients accordingly.

We look forward to welcoming you, your Friends & your Family to The Tan Boutique in the near future!




The Hayes’

Our Chosen Charity

Action for Pulmonary Fibrosis is a charity very close to our hearts having lost our Dad to Pulmonary Fibrosis in July 2016.

In short, this disease is a rare but aggressive Lung disease and at present time there is no known cure and very limited treatment options available. The average life expectancy of someone diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis is 3-5 years.

For more information about this Charity please visit www.actionpulmonaryfibrosis.org

Or to support us with our continued fundraising please contact us via Telephone, Email Facebook or Instagram. We’d be delighted to hear from you.

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