Tanning Guidelines

Our main priority is your health & wellbeing. We want you to tan responsibly whilst achieving the results you want. Our tanning guidelines are here to help you;


  • Know your skin type – Our staff our trained to provide each Customer with a free skin consultation¬† which will help us to determine your skin type and whether or not you are suitable for sunbed use. This will also help us to build your tailor-made tanning regime which will tell you how long a session who should start with and when it would be safe to build on that time.


  • Check any other reasons why you shouldn’t tan or may need to reduce your time – Please inform a member of staff if you think you may be pregnant, taking any medication or suffering from any skin pigmentations or complaints such as eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis or vitiligo prior to use.


  • Session time – Always consult a member of staff before increasing your minutes. Increasing to a longer session won’t automatically lead to better results. In fact, increasing your time too soon, may lead to burning which is unhealthy tanning.


  • Rest days – Just like at the gym, when following a good tanning regime you need rest days! We strongly recommend leaving a minimum of 48 hours between each tanning session to allow your skin time to regenerate.


  • Only use a specially formulated indoor tanning lotion – These lotions are specifically designed to boost your tanning results. Most lotions contain Melanin boosters. These boosters stimulate the natural production of melanin in your skin, resulting in faster and deeper results. Standard daily moisturisers and SPF lotions are not effective when used on a Sunbed.


  • Protect your eyes –¬† We provide free eye protection for you, for a reason. Closing your eyes is not enough and you risk UV damage to your eyes if you do not wear suitable protection.

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