The Tan Boutique provides an intimate and exclusive haven for indoor tanning. Offering our Clients, the choice of MegaSun laydown sunbeds and a stand up Opal Fitness sunbed, fully loaded with vibration plate.

All of our sunbeds are 0.3 EU safe tan compliant and each bed is fitted with the most revolutionary rainbow tanning lamps on the marketplace, which are changed on a regular basis to ensure maximum tanning results every time.

KBL MegaSun 5600

The KBL MegaSun brand has had a leading presence within the indoor tanning industry for over 15 years, making them real experts at what they do. The Megasun 5600 is a laydown sunbed with a spacious interior, that gives you a feeling of freedom and pure relaxation. Its unique design and dedicated facial and shoulder tanners promote complete tan development. The bed is equipped with air conditioning, aroma and aquacool spray. This modern sunbed is designed to provide the optimum environment to build your tan. The unique combination of the Rainbow tanning lamps will revitalize your skin and transport you to sunnier climes. As you lay back and escape the stresses of the outside world you can also enjoy your own music with direct Bluetooth connection.

Opal Fitness fully loaded with vibration plate

Opal Fitness is one of the best-selling stand up beds on the market. The bed boasts 49 tanning lamps combined with a unique ventilation system making it efficient and powerful whilst consistently operating at an optimum temperature. This allows customers to get a beautiful and bronzed glow in a comfortable and relaxing environment. The experience of the Opal Fitness goes beyond tanning and comes fitted with a refreshing aroma and aqua spray to give you that extra special treatment whilst you tan. The convenient adjustable step also allows each individual customer maximum tanning results regardless of their height. The bed is also fitted with a music system and an easy to use electronic panel to further aid your complete relaxation. This powerful bed can further enhance your experience with the option to use the vibration plate floor with control panel. This raises the standard of tanning and incorporates fitness exercises. Absolutely fantastic for fitness enthusiasts who would like to “tone whilst they tan.”

Our 0.3 Compliant Rainbow Tanning Lamps

We are one of a very small handful of Tanning Salons in the Country to get our hands on these revolutionary lamps first and we are delighted to be the very first Salon to introduce rainbow tanning to Chelmsford!

As our existing Customers will know health & wellbeing is very important to us and we’ve opted to go one step further than the standard 0.3 Industry Compliant lamps and invest in the latest but safest lamps currently available on the marketplace.

Our lamps are high intensity UVA/UVB lamps but the different Colour lamps each contribute to your overall health & wellbeing meaning a much healthier tan and a much healthier you every time you use them

Blue  – The Energy Light

The rainbow sunbed’s blue light has antiseptic properties, which regenerates and noticeably vitalises the skin. Blue light additionally strengthens the immune system and encourages both the mind and body’s vitality, leaving your skin with new vigour.

Red –  The Beauty Light

The red light has a longer wavelength which penetrates deep into the skin. This allows the light to support the natural production of collagen and elastin, leading to the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles, the tightening of contours and a more youthful appearance. The energy from The Beauty Light also intensifies the tanning process, encouraging a deep, golden complexion.

Green –  The Wellness Light

The green rainbow light relieves everyday stress through the colour’s natural ability to encourage relaxation, what’s more, this allows your skin to regenerate more rapidly.

Yellow – The Sunshine Light

Just like natural sunlight, the rainbow bed’s yellow light raises your spirits. The special UVB light promotes the formation of vitamin D, which helps your body to fight numerous health issues, both physical and mental.

Come On In

Treat Yourself to a Relaxing Suntan

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