Spray tan

The Sienna X spray tan we offer comes in four different percentages; 8%, 10%, 12% and 1 Hour Express Tan meaning there really is something for everybody and every occasion! Getting the right percentage for you is imperative and that is why our staff are fully trained to provide client consultations with all customers, enabling us to assist you with the correct solution for your skin type, resulting in you achieving the natural gorgeous glow you would have, had you just returned from a holiday in the sun! In addition, all ingredients are completely natural and paraben free giving you complete peace of mind.

Sienna X have been voted the UK’s #1 tanning brand by the Guild Awards of Excellence 11 years running and is a firm favourite amongst a wide range of celebrities, bloggers and TV shows, including Strictly Come Dancing!

We take immense pride in being able to offer the very best sunless tanning products in the marketplace to our customers. 

Pre and Post care advice

Before booking your Spray tan treatment please consider the following questions and notify your Therapist when booking the appointment of any questions that you feel may apply to you;

  • Are you Pregnant?
  • Are you receiving any Hormone therapy or taking any hormonal medication, such as HRT?
  • Do you suffer from Asthma?
  • Have you recently under gone any Laser treatment?
  • Have you recently had any cosmetic procedures, including Botox or Fillers?
  • Do you have any recent piercings or tattoos?
  • Do you suffer with Eczema, Psoriasis, Vitiligo or any other skin disorders?
  • Do you suffer with Acne?
  • Have you undertaken any Chemotherapy treatment in the last 12 months?
  • Are you Diabetic?
  • Do you have a known skin sensitivity to any other beauty products?
    Once your appointment is booked, we advise you to follow the below advice, in order to achieve a natural looking tan with an even coverage;
Spray Tan Preparation Advice
  • Exfoliate skin the night before your tan. Pay particular attention to knees, elbows, hands, feet and any other dry areas.
  • Shave or wax 24-48 hours prior to treatment to allow pores time to close.
  • DO NOT moisturise or use skin lotions on the day of your tan. Avoid using deodorant or perfume on the day and make up must be removed prior to the treatment.
  • Wear loose dark clothing and flip fops or loose-fitting shoes.
  • Bring swim wear or dark underwear to tan in. Alternatively, we can provide disposable dark underwear for you.
  • It is advisable to remove contact lenses before the tan.
Post Spray Tan Care

Do not exercise or get your tan wet for a minimum of 8 hours after the treatment as this will affect the finished result.
Leave the tan on for at least 8-10 hours before showering off the guide colour.
Try not to soak in the bath or go swimming as this can contribute to premature fading of the tan.
Do not have shower or bath water too hot, as this can decrease the length of the tan.
Do not rub skin too harshly after washing, simply pat dry with your towel.
Moisturise daily to enhance and prolong your tan.
Start to lightly exfoliate after 4-5 days to encourage even and natural fading.
After a few days you can maintain colour and prolong the length of your tan by purchasing a bottle of SiennaX Gradual Glowing Self Tan from us and using it at home as a daily moisturiser.

Additional information

Please note; Under 16’s will require parental consent prior to the treatment.

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